Bluetooth Car Kit

Add a hands-free car kit to your car today.

We supply and install the leading brands of hands-free Bluetooth car kits with solutions for every car and every phone. From answering phone calls to the volume control, with the fixed-position remove control, all of the basic phone calling features are at hand so your fleet can keep talking and stay connected. Safely and legally.

The purpose of an alarm is to protect your vehicle and its contents from theft, providing a strong deterrent via a loud siren.

An alarm normally includes immobilisation of critical engine circuits, making it impossible to start or run the engine. The Cyclops range includes a number of different alarm models depending the type of car you have

Alarm Systems

Reverse Cameras and Sensors

A reversing camera is a smart addition to any car, 4WD or commercial vehicle.

In addition to making it easier to park, having an unobstructed rear view greatly reduces the risk of a collision with an object while increasing safety for pedestrians, especially small children.

Dash Cameras

Protect yourself in the event of an accident, designed to capture all the action.

Each of our models are designed to capture, record and save video/audio data 24/7 which during an unfortunate accident or vandalism you may use as evidence.

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