‘Trust Marktek Installations for quality workmanship’ is our motto and right on the mark for what we can do for you. Armed with three decades of electronic experience in the automotive industry, Marktek Installations is your South Australian auto installer. Whether it is audio, communications or navigational equipment, we can deliver quality workmanship and efficient and effective customer service. The industry is abundant in installers but if you want a quality job guaranteed, we do SA auto installs with due care and attention. Marktek Installations has been operating a mobile service since 2002, however in 2015, we established a company located in Salisbury, South Australia and have been steadily growing from then. We undertake SA auto installs that you can trust.

marktek auto communications installation

Communications and Audio

We install communications products such as HF, UHF and VHF communications and know how important it is to have a quality product for your communication needs while on the road. HF communications CB units are long-range and suit remote Australian areas. They are single, cost-effective units and provide crystal clear communication. Fitted with emergency call features, they operate in mobile phone-style and are effective for those travelling through remote areas or living and/or working in the outback. With easy installation, UHF communications units possess the latest Digital Signal Processing technology and computer-aided design and manufacturing techniques make it a truly effective unit to utilise. With convenient mounting in the modern vehicles, the communication is clear through the external or build-in speakers. If you are working further remote than our rural areas, off-shore VHF communications units are the way to go. Available in a range of colours, these units are designed with the capacity of submersible construction and LCD display with NMEA input and output. We also offer a three-year warranty on units and believe in the quality of manufacturing to suit your needs. For your audio needs and desire, you may wish to upgrade your existing stereo system for your SA auto install with Marktek Installations. Armed with Bluetooth capability and navigation software in most of the units, we offer systems that include a built-in AM/FM tuner, SD/USB music, video and photos, an amplifier audio system and car digital recorders. You can enjoy quality audio with an easy SA auto install of OEM stereo. To keep the kids (or even the adults!) entertained on long trips, we can install a high-quality DVD system for the passengers’ entertainment.

Security and Safety with our SA Auto Installs

Alarms are highly important in deterring theft of your vehicle or of contents inside it and in most states and territories, immobilisers are required to be fitted. Our Cyclops alarm systems include immobilisation of the vehicle so your vehicle is safe from being started. Marktek Installations offers a range of models to suit most vehicle types and we make it an efficient and effective install for you. Reverse cameras and sensors are not always fitted into the vehicle you might purchase but they are a great addition to it. These make it more safe to reverse without potentially hitting a pedestrian, child or the wall or any other obstruction at the rear. Having a camera on the dash records your drive twenty-four, seven and can be utilised in the event there is a traffic incident or damage caused to your vehicle. We all know that holding our phones is illegal, even on speaker during a telephone call so a Bluetooth hands-free kit is essential for your vehicle. We carry out SA auto installs of most leading brands of Bluetooth car kits so you can enjoy communicating safely and legally without the potential for a fine! One of our clients who recommended us said ‘Mark and his team have just installed a rear camera on our 2012 Mitsubishi Challenger and a rearview camera on the back of our caravan – running both to a Kenwood monitor with gps. We are very impressed with their professionalism, friendliness and their willingness to answer all of our questions. We are extremely happy with the result and highly recommend this company’. Marktek Installations prides itself on delivering premium quality customer service and efficient and effective SA auto installs.